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Principal Kristen Panou
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Modesto, CA 95351
Hours: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

B.A.R.K. News is a webpage that showcases our Students' successes and achievements.

Dear Burbank Bulldogs,

We miss you all very much! Stay safe and healthy Bulldogs. We are here for you. We can't wait to see you again! We are lifelong learners! 



 #Team Burbank

Please check in with us to say hello on Schoology or Outlook email. 

 We look forward to hearing from you all!

Special Message from your Teachers!
Burbank Staff Collage

Round up 1

Round up 2

Top 10 Typist

2019 Employees Making a Difference Program

The Employees Making a Difference program honors outstanding Classified/Confidential employees to public education.  Maria, Yard Duty Supervisor, was recognized for her dedication to Burbank School.

Congrats, Maria!

2018 Fall Choral Festival

The Burbank Chorus performed at Mark Twain Junior High.  The Choral concert’s themes were Disney and Patriotic songs.  Great job, singers!

2017 Burbank Chorus
Burbank’s Chorus Students

October Character Education Awards

Kindergarten Recognition Awards
 Kindergarten Recognition Awards for October
1st Recognition Awards for October
1st Grade Recognition Awards for October
2nd Grade Recognition Awards for October
2nd Grade Recognition Awards for October
Recognition Awards for October
3rd Recognition Awards for October
5th Recognition Awards for October
5th Recognition Awards for October
6th Recognition Awards for October
6th Recognition Awards for October

Modesto City Schools: Character Education Awards

Teacher Alethea Bateman shared: 
From the first day school, Brianna has exhibited respect. She not only shows respect, she “earns it” like our character trait saying goes. She is polite to her teammates, her teacher and other adults on campus. She always makes sure that she in on-task. Brianna is a shining example of what a respectful student and future adult looks and acts like.

Respect Award

New Year, New Cafeteria

Burbank staff and students were delighted with the opening of the new school cafeteria.  

New Burbank Cafeteria
Burbank’s New Cafeteria


New Cafeteria Student Entrance


Inside the cafeteria

Cafeteria Kitchen

First Students served in cafeteria

First day of school

New Cafeteria 2018

Burbank ASES Program, Junior Chef, welcomes Superintendent Dr. Noguchi.

ASES Junior Chef Program
ASES students participated in a Junior Chef Program.  Superintendent Dr. Noguch visited Burbank’s Afterschool Program.
Junior Chef Program
Students in the Junior Chef program learned to prepare delicious omelettes.

School Events 2017-18

Modesto City Schools’ annual celebration of Character Education, “The Eddies,” was held on Tuesday, April 24, 2018, at 7 p.m. in the Downey High School Auditorium. 

“The Eddies” recognizes students who have demonstrated outstanding character development while contributing to their school or community. 

Eddies Awards recipients 2018

Burbank’s Emma Avila earned a Character Education Award for her Courage. No matter what challenge is presented, she always performs with responsibility, respectfulness and genuine care for all of those around her. Emma helps English Learner students with her multi-lingual abilities and consistently volunteers to help other students when needed. She has a contagious smile and brings joy to Burbank Elementary School.

Character Education Award for Courage

Proud to be MCS

The Employees Making a Difference awards celebration was Tuesday, January 23. The annual event recognizes and honors the contributions of classified staff to public education. Six employees were nominated:  Davis’ Jill Hayes; Enochs’ Candelario Monroy; Lakewood’s Jamie Morrill; Bret Harte’s Vi Tran; Gregori’s Gloria Tellez; and Burbank’s Nancy Vernacchio. Four employees represented the District at the countywide event:  Jill Hayes, Candelario Monroy, Jamie Morrill and Nancy Vernacchio.  

Employees Making a Difference picture

School Assemblies: Character Education


Ribbon Cutting 1

Ribbon Cutting 2

SBAC Award

October Awards 3

October Awards 2

October Awards 1

Spelling Bee 2017